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Polar plunge 2012Polar Plunge – 2012 The weather was predicted to be very cool with wind and rain, not so much. The, “Bear-cat”, was not available so we got the, “Emergency Response Vehicle”, very big and an attraction none the less.

The winter being so warm the water was up to the low forties, absolutely fantastic. Light sun, breeze and good size waves made for a good day.

Two observations, first was that as I trotted onto the water that at 42 degrees I focused on the waves and not the temp of the water. The second was a surprise. Many people rush in then out, at least in the area I was in, no dunk.

Never realized that, I thought everyone went under, it’s the gift that counts and all there raised over 120,000. dollars. Back to the plunge, as I got almost got chest high a big wave was coming in and I thought that this was perfect to ride, which I did. Pretty sure the riding was my choice and not the waves choice. After four years, under the Alumni’s name, we have donated eighteen hundred dollars.
Good job by all. Ed Ryan

Diversity Day – October 9th Sunday at Noon to 5pm
Diversity day, sponsored by the, No Place for Hate, group, is to be held on October 9th Sunday, from noon to 5pm. We will have a table complete with our banner. We will pass/out or offer various handouts to promote respect to the passersby. It’s open, friendly, and much more fun seeing all the people and all the other booths than you can ever imagine.

Plymouth Emergency Operations Needs Volunteers
Plymouth Emergency Operations held a meeting at the Plymouth Emergency Operations Center behind the Plymouth Fire Department station at 2209 State Road (Route 3A) this Thursday September 29, 2011 at 7 p.m. for all who are interested. This meeting is to watch, see and ask questions, and to find out about the group and initiate a request to volunteer if you are interested.

The Liam Macomber walk / run held on Sunday was a big success.
The men’s best time is a new record at just over 16 minutes for the 3.1 miles & the women’s time, also a record at 18 minutes & seconds. From our alumni group, Nancy Gordino, Betty Ragazzini, Ann Shank, Barbara Sandye & the Ryan triplets helped at various locations. Great time, biggest turnout ever and a lot of fun.

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